Dewatering Equipment by Press Technology & Manufacturing

Press Technology is a developer and manufacturer
of cutting edge screw presses for pulp and paper,
municipal waste and other industrial applications.

    Agri-Press AGP 1600 Agricultural Screw Press
    Sealed E-6 industrial screw press for solvent recovery
    Industrial Screw Press for Hemp Processing - CBD Oil Extraction and solvent recovery.
    Agri-Press AGP 800 Agricultural Screw Press

    Dewatering Applications

    • Paper Mill Sludge
    • Paper Rejects
    • Municipal Sludge
    • DAF Sludge
    • Food Processing Waste
    • Fiberglass Rejects
    • Fish Processing DAF Waste
    • Dairy Manure Separation
    • Hog Manure Separation
    • Spent Brewer’s Grain
    • Potato Waste
    • Citrus Waste
    • Paunch Separation
    • Bagasse Rejects
    • Plastic Sludge
    • Industrial Sludge
    • Coffee Grounds
    • Fruit Processing Waste
    • Slaughter House Sludge